- Sires


angus Sires  
barstow cash connealy courage 25l
Barstow Cash
AAA: 17145326
Sitz Dash 10277 x Barstow Queen W16
Connealy courage 25L
AAA: 17302304
Connealy confidence 0100 x pearl pammy of conanga 194
Kramers Apollo HPF Shock Force B052
kramers apollo 31
AAA: 17668327
koupal juneau 797 x kramers evergreen erica 1204
Lee's cashing in 5302
AAA: 18335040
barstow cash x lees dixie erica 3030
Lee's Outlaw 8088 Lee's Lawyer 1096
lee's outlaw 8088
AAA: 16222046
dcc 002 outlook 472 x riley flat ideal 839
lee's outlaw [lawyer] 1096
AAA: 17001076
lee's outlaw 8088 x lee's dixie erica 7059
KR CASH 3389
kr cash 3389
AAA: 17618544
barstow cash x Wk hyalite susie 7473
red angus Sires  
brown synergy
Brown Synergy X 7838
RAAA: 1384811
Beckton nebula p p707 x c-bar & Brown abigrace t71
Simmental Sires  
HILB Maverick HILB Olympus
HILB Maverick A43
ASA: 2760465
GLS New Direction X184 x AJE Jewels Halo
PB Simmental
HILB olympus b27u
ASA: 2868638
B C lookout 7024 x hs stop and stare 118l
1/2 Simmental ; 1/2 Angus
Ruby NFF Excalibur HPF Shock Force B052
Ruby nff excalibur 002x
ASA: 2538577
LBS The Foreman 702T x rhythm 418p
PB Simmental
HPF Shock force b052
ASA: 2871524
CLRWTR Shock Force W94C x ice cream soda r56
PB Simmental
A StepUp WLE Uno Mas
WS A Step Up X27
ASA: 2568260
SS Ebony's Grandmaster x WS MS Macho U38
PB Simmental
Wle uno mas x549
ASA: 2532016
cns dream on l186 x shawnee miss 770p
PB Simmental




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